Brute Showdown Episode 5: The Grand Finale

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The end is here! On the final episode of the Brute Showdown we see the ladies take on the last three events, which include softball, soccer and an eating contest. We have seen a shake up in the standings as we progressed through the last few events, can the ladies close the gap and take the lead from our current leader, Brooke Ence?

Event 6: Softball “Hit-off”
Each of the ladies will be pitched to by an LSU softball player. They are allowed 6 total strikes and will be awarded a point for every ball that is kept in fair play. Highest number of hits wins!

Event 7: Soccer Shoot Out
The ladies will go through 2 iterations of 3 shots from various spots along pitch, with 15 seconds on the clock they will be awarded a point for every ball that makes it into the net.

Event 8: Watermelon eating contest
The ladies will have 2 minutes to consume as much of a watermelon as they can. The athlete that consumes the most watermelon wins.

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Mattie Rogers:
Weightlifter, 2016 Olympic Team Alternate, Bronze Medalist at the 2017 World Championship, Silver Medalist at the 2018 World Championship

Brooke Ence:
CrossFit Games Athlete, 2015 14th Fittest Woman on Earth

Dana Linn Bailey:
Bodybuilder, 2013 Ms. Olympia

Maddy Forberg:
Elite Powerlifter

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Brock Gomez
IG: https://www.instagram.com/brockbruh/


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