Dani is leaving the band.

Dear Cim Fam,
It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that Dani is leaving Cimorelli. She had the courage to share with us that she wants to pursue other career paths outside of YouTube and has made the decision to move on from the band.
Of course, none of us wanted her to leave but we will always support her and love her no matter where life takes her. We wish her well with all her ventures and we hope you guys will too. This has been a very difficult decision for all of us to process and we know it’ll be tough for you guys too but please be kind as we all move forward. We really appreciate your kindness during this time.
The door will always be open for her if she ever wants to return. We love her as a sister first, and we always will. We remain very close to her as her family.
We are grateful for the 10 years that we had with her in the band and we wish her the best in her new chapter of life.
Rest assured that Cimorelli will continue in 2020 onward with the other 5 of us. 2019 was one of the best years ever for Cimorelli and we are so grateful we had Dani as a part of it. We will do our best to move forward and kick butt in our new format and we look forward to sharing many new projects with you all in 2020.
We will be grieving right alongside all of you but will also do our best to uplift you guys along the way with our new projects.

Love you guys and thank you for understanding.

– Cimorelli


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