Does Avengers Infinity War Teaser Spoil Thor Ending? – The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #69 recorded Saturday July 9th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails:

Matthew Firt – Hey John, can you tell us is it strange that Nightwing and Gotham City sirens who have director attached are surprisingly missing from the SDCC DC movie slate?

Greg Howell – John, as a child of the 80’s, and with many properties such as Transformers and GI Joe (just to name two) getting movie adaptations, what are the chances we see a Masters of the Universe movie? I read years ago that the Kick Ass 2 director was working on s script, but have not heard any news lately. We need a better adaptation than the 1980’s movie that was horrendous.

James Deziel – I’m a MASSIVE fan of Donald Glover for his acting, writing, music, and all of the above. As you can guess, I am very excited to see him take on Lando (he was my pick since the film was announced). If he crushes the role and fans love him, could Lucasfilm consider a Lando standalone film?

MrYazMan300 – With the poor performance of Ghost in the Shell & the divisive response of Death Note at SDCC, will we ever see a live-action of Akira or is the project dead?

Seth Perkins – Over/Under 20% chance that the Thor+Guardians scene at the beginning of the Infinity War trailer (which I’ve only read about due to an extreme lack of self-control) gets used as a post credits scene for Ragnarok.

Xavier Martinez – Hey John! Big fan and always watch your videos when I can. My question is now that you’re doing your own thing, are you going to do any MMA coverage? You and Dennis always talked about bringing it to Collider but obviously you aren’t there anymore. Also, you’ve been vocal about McGregor vs Mayweather but are you still going to watch it? Thanks for taking my question and keep up the awesome content!


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