I Gave Jazzmyne Robbins A 6-Week Fitness Makeover

I gave a 6-week health and fitness makeover to the queen of confidence – Jazzmyne Robbins! To APPLY TO be on #ExtremeBodyMakeover, scroll down for instructions!

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Creative Director – Garrett Kennell

Editor – Silas Orteza

Producer – Iris Sullivan

Camera Operator – AJ Young


To apply to Extreme Body Makeover, please send an email to ExtremeBodyMakeoverCasting@gmail.com that INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING:
1. SUBJECT LINE SHOULD READ: Your Name, Age, Location. (EXAMPLE: Steve Smith, 22, Los Angeles, California)
2. A full body photo of yourself
3. A close up photo of your face
4. A link to your Instagram
5. A link to a THREE MINUTE (MAX) video telling us why you want to be on the show! Tell us your story and what this experience would mean to you. (Must be 3 minutes or less!)
6. And finally, follow and tweet me @MichelleKhare to let me know you applied! โ€ข
Please follow these instructions EXACTLY as written above or your application will not be considered. Iโ€™m really excited to see your submissions and hear your stories. ๐Ÿ™‚


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