Introducing Fudgy the Golden Retriever Puppy

Everyone, say hello to Fudgy! He’s a Golden Retriever puppy, and he loves chewing on socks, sleeves, strings, chom choms, shoes, and just about everything else really. He’s a really clever boy as well, and has learned how to sit, give paw, and he’s taking to his crate quite well!

If you haven’t seen our announcement yet, we’ve moved back to Canada now. It’s been a very busy three months for us, as we transitioned back into living in Canada. We’ve both been taking time off of YouTube to think about what kind of content we want to make in the future. Do we still want to vlog? Do we still want to talk about food and travel?

We’re not too sure, and especially with our move back to Canada, where we can be closer to family and friends, we haven’t had much time to be as creative as we usually are. Our focus first and foremost is taking care of our wellbeing, which we’ve been neglecting for a long time. We have more support here and more options.

And so, while we explore those options, and figure out what our next steps in life are, allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the Stawski family: Fudgy, the very sweet golden retriever puppy. He’s been a huge help for me (Simon here) during this time, and I hope some of his cuteness brightens your day the way he’s brightened mine.

I’d like to just post some videos of Fudgy being cute and silly for a while. I’ll be sharing some pics of him too, because I’m a fawning father alright? He’s just so adorable ❤️

#goldenretriever #puppy #omgheissocuteamiright?


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