[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) “So What”

[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) “So What”


Fate collides fate in LOOΠΔ to make coincidence.

12th member, Olivia Hye and the 1st member HeeJin meets in fate and made LOOΠΔ as a whole world.

[#] does not mean much when it is used alone, but it means that when # is used in combination with words or letters, they realize the result of a multi-use combination when they are together, just as they perform a special function or great ability.

Through this album, LOOΠΔ want people to break out of the box, boundaries and prejudices, showing them to not to be afraid to challenge yourself. It is possible to make different waves more than you can imagine if you challenge yourself with your passion(BURN), and go forward.

On “THE BACK OF THE MOON”, which no one knows about, instead of a moon that does not shine on its own and always shows the same side, LOOΠΔ serves as a fuse in the heart of the whole LOOΠΔs around the world.

Through this album, LOOΠΔ is about to show the whole different confident, challenging LOOΠΔ, not the same LOOΠΔ people all know.

Intro ‘#’ gives a hint that whole different album is made in a different space, going over [X X]’s point.

The titled song ‘So What’ is an impressive urban dance piece with a grand bass and signature Hornstab, which further maximizes the “girl crush” that LOOΠΔ has not shown before. With the message ‘Break the boundaries that the world has made’ and it added the depth in LOONAVERSE.

‘Number 1’ is a 808-bass groove that adds a dreamy atmosphere EP sound with rich harmony and emotional voice, just enough to show another vibe of LOOΠΔ. ‘Oh (Yes I Am)’ is a song that has a clear sound and mysterious vibe that LOOΠΔ is looking for ‘Infinite possibilities that I have’.

‘Ding Ding Dong’ is a dance pop genre, that features a bass line built on top of a piano leap make LOOΠΔ’s voice more charming. On the lyrics, LOOΠΔ compared ‘Ding Ding Dong’ a sound that it rings through the heart, with an expectation of the one approaching first, with timid characteristic.

The lead single ‘365’ is a lyrical R&B ballad, based on the piano, with a message that LOOΠΔ will always shine Orbits around the world, who has been waiting for LOOΠΔ for a long time with moon’s heart.

Also, LOOΠΔ’s [#] limited version has CD only songs that will add extra fun.

LOOΠΔ discovered destiny in coincidence and fate.

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