Pocket Film Festival: 30 Shot Clock Challenge – Submit to our Film Festival!!!

Does your cell phone have a camera? Then you’re automatically qualified to enter Cracked’s first ever Pocket Film Festival! We’re looking for the funniest short films you can make on a smartphone. In honor of March Madness, our version of the “Shot Clock” means that your film has to make us laugh in 30 seconds or less. (You may have noticed that there’s some confusion as to whether the time limit is 30 or 35 seconds. That’s because we are idiots, and posted two different time limits! The ultimate, for serious, real deal time limit for your video is 30 seconds.)

To ensure that you’re not just sending a clip from your graduate thesis film, your micro-sketch must include the name of one of the 64 schools that made it into this year’s NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

Upload your clip to YouTube, and submit a link here: sketchcompetition@cracked.com by March 27, 11:59 PM PST for a chance to be considered as one of the first great cellphone comedy directors. Then, if you win, we’ll give you a Canon T3i to make an actual movie.

Rules are below, but first, watch Cracked’s own short for your consideration …

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/pocket-film-festival-shot-clock-challenge/#ixzz2OE9qAitd

Submit here: sketchcompetition@cracked.com


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