BoatBuilding – Finishing the Transom (EP76)

Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht – Finishing the Transom / More Floors (EP76)
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In this episode I focus on the final install of the transom, using a couple of old tricks to ensure that it stays watertight. The planks get bolted to the sternpost and eventually fully plugged and varnished.
Pat keeps busy at the Port Townsend Foundry, casting more Floors in Bronze. Clark fits the Floors into the boat – grinding, sanding and polishing them to ridiculous perfection!
Meanwhile, Pete works hard on fairing the Rabbet and beginning to fair the outside of the frames, while Pancho keeps an eye on him and busts out some funky moves for the camera!


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Silent Partner – Camagüey
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Unicorn Heads – Sunshine on Sand
Dyalla – Fred On The Fritz

75. BoatBuilding – Finishing the Transom / More Floors (TALLY HO EP76)


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