Casting Brass Dollar Fidget Spinner from Bullet Shells

Making ‘ Gold ‘ Dollar Fidget Spinner with real bearings.

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Description :

In this video I’m making a Dollar Fidget Spinner from empty bullet shells which I bought from a local shooting range in Antwerp (Belgium)

The holes for the bearings and neodymium magnets were drilled a tiny bit smaller then the bearing and magnets themself, so in order to make them fit i had to put them in liquid nitrogen to shrink them. Once they warmed up again they locked themself in to place.

For this spinner I used smaller bearings then my previous Fidget Spinners.

The Spinner is also bigger then a normal spinner, but it’s not meant to be spinned in 1 hand or doing tricks with it. It’s more meant as a collectors item.

I used liquid nitrogen to cool the logo…. Why? Just because you guys asked! 🙂

It took me 4 days to finish this spinner.

The slowmotion footage was made by our IDT slowmotion camera which we bought in June 2016 from the guys at IDT Europe : http://bit.ly/IDT-SlowMoCams

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This is just a demonstration on how to make a fidget spinner with molten brass. If you try to do this yourself at home, please be aware that you use personal protection gear. If you are not experienced with melting metals please do not attempt this on your own.

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