I Scammed A Pyramid Scheme

Infiltrating a scam business is way creepier than it sounds.

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pyramid scheme
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Set of Vector White Podium Tribune Rostrum Stand with Microphones Isolated
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Cleaning supplies and products for home tidying up
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Fashionable businessman in suit
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Portrait of young professional man in suit, arms crossed
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Cosmetics and make-up brushes.Isolation on white background.
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Work space Mock up : Wood modern work space desk table with supplies in office.
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Portrait of a pretty customer agent at work
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earth futuristic technology abstract background illustration
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Blank open and closed magazine with glossy paper
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Sail boat yacht sailing near Rangitoto Island New Zealand
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Magazine page mock up catalog opened on a white wooden background. Top view. Copy space
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Rows of empty seats in cinema theatre. Empty armchairs in theatre.
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Sunflowers reflection on the window of urban cafe
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Concert crowd
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Business executive giving a speech
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Blurred coffee shop
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Long Shot of a Handsome Businessman Making Presenting/ Advertising/ Finger Guns Gesture. Then Putting Hands in Pockets. Shot with White Background.
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Diamonds US dollar symbol scattering with slow motion
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Two men in suits greeting and talking
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Audience applauding, during a spectacular event
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Happy grandmother and grandson laughing while pointing at camera together
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Phone in a hotel room or office. Close up
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Portrait of a male student reading a book on a Green Screen
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Businessman spinning in green background. Chroma key. 3 in 1.
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Employee gets money for disclosing confidential info, corruption in business
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large group of people in the audience applauded at the seminar.
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Elevator is arriving and doors open
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Singer legs. Male artist with microphone stand.
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Handsome businessman smiling with arms crossed
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Elevator is arriving and doors open
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Cunning Plan
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Elevator opening
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People sit in large hall on red chairs at business conference, women with smartphone in hands
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Focus roll from gravestone to elderly mourner
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Flying gold star.
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Many people sitting in the large hall at business conference
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Microphone pan around 2 GREEN SCREEN
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Lift elevator closes in the evening light in the hotel building
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Portrait of a young business woman presenting something by a hand on a Green Screen, Chroma Key
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Handsome businessman video calling and showing phone
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Hispanic businessman looking bored while thinking
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Head shot of Hispanic businessman smiling while thinking
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Happy handsome businessman laughing

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