Kelly “Masks”

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THESE MASKS RULE! Listen, betches, research shows that masks can block the majority of particles that could contain SARS-CoV-2, so… let’s wear a mask! And be sure to wash your cloth mask after each use if possible. The CDC says so, DECK!

Even though this may piss off my mom, we’re donating a portion of the revenue generated from this video to Doctors Without Borders, to help in their fight.

It’s great to see you all! Stay safe and let’s keep caring about each other!


Kelly’s Mom played by Pam Cook
Kelly / Kelly’s Dad / Mother Grandma played by Liam Sullivan
Heather the Vampire played by Megahn Kramer

Homemade Kelly masks made by @mooncanyonkids and @storylori
Special thanks to Ilana Cohn and Drama 3/4 Productions


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