Samsung Display Stretchable OLED Display


At Display Week 2017, Samsung Display unveiled a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED product with an increasing screen size. The flexible, scalable display is next-generation technology. It might one day be used for wearable, Internet (IoT), automotive or artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is considered to be a very promising future technology. Compared to conventional flexible OLEDs that can be formed in only one direction, such as bending, folding, or rolling a screen, the Samsung Display stretchable OLED panel can be flexed in two directions. When the screen is pressed from above, it depresses like a rubber balloon, then returns to its original flat shape. The screen when stretched up or down, even when pressed, has sufficient elasticity to recover.

Through extensive R&D, Samsung Display has developed a high level of scalable technology that allows the display to maintain its original image quality while increasing the screen to a depth of up to 12 mm when the display is pressed.

* Additional Explanation
The following video is actually comprised of two brief video clips showing the movement of our Stretchable OLED Display prototype – one on top of the other. This has been done to allow two different visual perspectives at the same time. The top clip was shot from a 30 degree downward angle, while the bottom one provides a direct horizontal viewpoint of the prototype.


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