The 11 Most Badass Presidential Facts

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WARNING: The incredibly BADASS-LOOKING and WILDLY INTERESTING below video is technically an advertisement for my book, How to Fight Presidents (order here http://amzn.to/1f84P2y or here http://goo.gl/GsZFdV). I tried to make it ENTERTAINING, and watching it will COST YOU NO MONEY, but I know the Internet hates it when it thinks it’s been TRICKED into watching or reading something advertorial, even if the piece of content might make you LAUGH and TEACH YOU THINGS that make you MORE INTERESTING AT PARTIES. If you want to not watch the RAD TRAILER for my book, this is your opportunity to click over to one of the other FREE ARTICLES AND VIDEOS on this website. If you want to watch the RAD TRAILER for my book but lie and say you DIDN’T to convince your friends that you’re a REBEL who STICKS IT to THE MAN, I won’t tell on you. There are direct references to MALE GENITALIA in the trailer. Thank you for your time. End of warning.

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