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Color theory is easily the NUMBER ONE THING I wish I’d known about when I was younger! So many of the times I thought my skin or whole self didn’t look good it was because the color and shade I was wearing was working against me. Color is simple to the eye, but a little complex to understand. I have simplified it, through my eyes in this video so you can shop and use this as a guide for purchases that bring you tons of confidence. Enjoy the video! #TheArtOfColor

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Hi, I’m Alexandra. I believe life can be both glorious, tricky and painful.. which we all know. Beauty is a practice I have enjoyed from early childhood as a way to build my confidence in myself. Not just on “special” occasions, but in my every day life and decision making. On my YouTube channel I show you practical steps and psychology to understand and apply methods in all areas of beauty; inclding fashion, makeup, hairstyling and femininity, to help us evolve and transform into our personal visions. I believe when a girl feels good about herself, she can make better choices for herself in ALL areas of life. Welcome to my channel, I’m glad you found me!

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