This Healthy 26-Year-Old Was Hospitalized With Coronavirus

Young people are not immune to COVID-19. Thank you, Fiona, for sharing your experience with us.

Follow Fiona: instagram.com/fi_lowenstein/
Her work: instagram.com/wearebodypolitic/
COVID-19 resources: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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Happy african woman home owner holding key looking at camera
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Coronavirus Scientist/Doctor Puts on Surgical Mask; black background
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young Asian woman wearing a medicine mask
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Close Up of Face of Doctor in Mask
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People crowd dancing on discotheque on club party. The light blinking with blue. 4K
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Aerial View Sunrise at New York City and sunflares 4k Midtown Sunrise series
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Light grey white looped gradient abstract background.
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Millennial positive man posing at home in kitchen, video portrait
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Portrait Of Smiling Mature Male Doctor Sitting On Desk In Office
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Young man rides in a carriage and clings to a handrail. Passenger rides standing in the subway and listens to music on headphones. Back view.
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Doctor and Female Patient Signing Contract and Shaking Hands
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Woman with headache sitting in kitchen
monstArrr_/Getty Images
Female anesthesiologist writing down the updates
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Time lapse view of female doctor on the corridor
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Happy doctor nods head and thumb up
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Abstract geometric golden backgroundfoil tiles texture seamless loop background 3D rendering
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Sad lady checking smart phone content in the night
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Portrait of Surgeon in Operating Room
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Phone alarm ringing early in the morning
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Millennial man preparing cake mix following a recipe on a tablet computer, adding flour, close up
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Commuters walking busy in streets of large metropolis city
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At the Supermarket: Man Pushing Shopping Cart Through Fresh Produce Section of the Store. Store with Many Customers Shopping. Following Back View Shot.
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Young woman is talking to friends online with smartphone looking at screen and speaking sitting on couch in modern apartment. Communication and technology concept.
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Young woman is using laptop shopping online typing and looking at screen while adorable puppy is lying near her on bed in modern apartment. Internet and youth concept.
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Family playing in the playground 4k
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Empty waiting room in quiet hospital
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Surface of Engine Oil, Slow motion
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Woman is measure the temperature of little girl.
Oy Suzi Media Production LTD/Getty Images
Doctor Pre Oxygeanation before insert endotracheal tube
ChaNaWiT/Getty Images
Summer in the City Time Lapse
nopow/Getty Images
Sick woman coughing, outdoors
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People sat in waiting room – Doctor, Hospital, dentist DOLLY
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