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Borders can seem almost arbitrary when you look at a map, but these lines have enormous impact on people’s lives. That story — the human story of what happens when we draw lines on a map — is the one I want to tell, but I need your help.

The rise of nationalist figures in Europe, Japan, India, and the US has been met with the call to fortify borders, and recapture a strong national identity. Phrases like “Build the wall!” and “Brexit” have become a part of everyday conversations.

Based on your suggestions, I will travel to six borders around the world this summer. While I travel, I will be publishing video dispatches on Facebook, Instagram and the Vox YouTube channel, culminating in six documentaries to publish in the fall.

I want you to travel with me and be a part of my reporting. The topic is broad, and these stories will be strongest if they emerge from the input of a lot of people. You can follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see where I’m going, make suggestions, and ask follow-up questions as I make these videos.

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